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Professional Development Workshop 2006
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Teacher Workshop at Purdue University, July 10 - July 21 
  Presenter/ Facilitator Topics Titles
  Hutchinson, Kelly & Sederberg, David Size and Scale » Hey! Fit Me In
» Cutting it Down: How Far Can You Go?
» A Card Sort Activity
  Hutchinson, Kelly Structure and Matter » The Structure of Matter
  Hutchinson, Kelly; Sederberg, David & Daly, Shanna Intermolecular Forces

» All About Forces Lesson
» Chemical Capers
» Using a Manometer to Measure Vapor Pressure

  Sederberg, David Allotropes of Carbon » Space Elevator
» Allotropes of Carbon
  Daly, Shanna Self-Assembly » Self-Assembly in a Computer Representation
» How is a Self-Assembling System Designed?
  Hutchinson, Kelly Microscopes » Scanning Probe Microscopy Lesson
» Magnetic Force Microscopy
  Note: Contact Program Coordinator for details of the above workshops.
  Kao, Yvonne S.; Zenner, Greta M., & Gimm, J. Aura Everyday Nanomaterials » Putting Nano-Tex to the Test
Teacher Workshop at Northwestern University, June 27 - August 8   Schedule
  Presenter/ Facilitator Title Video/ Pictures Presentation/ Handouts
  Hersam, Mark Intro to Nanoscale Science & Technology hersam_video hersam_slides (pdf, 4.5mb)
  Chandrasekhar, Venkat Scanning probe microscopy windowsPlayer1 Venkat_slides (pdf, 1.4mb)
  Lauhon, Lincoln & Maynard, Valerie Intro. to Nano Unit: Curriculum Development Lab gallery071106 valerie_slides (pdf, 476kb)
handouts (pdf, 67kb)
  Hsu, Matthew & Chiaverina, Chris Intro to Light Module: Curriculum Development Lab gallery071806 Web link
  Seal, Katyayani & Cao, Hui Light in the Nano-world   seal (pdf, 9.6mb)
  Pan, Zixiao
Patterning and Identity of Functional Ceramic Nanostructures   pan (pdf, 4.4mb)
Nanoscale Science Workshop at Fisk University, June 12-16   Schedule
  Press Release Metro-school Teachers Tackle Nanosciences fisk_gallery  
Professional Development at University of Texas at El Paso, June 19-30
  Hagedorn, Eric A. Teacher Professional Development in NSE at UTEP utep_gallery  
Teacher Workshop at Argonne National Laboratory, July 24 - August 4
  Maynard, Valerie Introductory Unit to Nanoscale Science ANL_gallery argonne_slides (pdf, 530kb)
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