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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the core values of NCLT?
Passion, Dedication and Teamwork.
How do I use the Oracle Collaboration Suite?

Click here to login to Oracle Colloration Suite. Instructions:

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How can I participate in the monthly NCLT seminar?
There are three ways to view this Seminar. This visual illustration shows the differences and equipment required.
(1) Video conference (H.323/H.320)
(2) Webcast on MS Media server
(3) Video conferencing with Breeze Meeting. (Your browser must have Flash Player installed)
How do I view a Webcast?back to top
Your computer must have Windows Media Player to view the webcast, and be able to view the video in real time.
• Download Windows Media Player: PC users  MAC users
Can I watch the Webcast again? back to top
To view past webcast go to Conferecing Facilities/Archives. There are three formats to view video. You will need to have one of the players installed on your computer before viewing.
• Download Windows Media Player: PC users  MAC users
• Download Quicktime Player: PC and MAC users
• Download RealPlayer: PC and MAC users

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Last updated: October 23, 2007