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Press Releases

NCLT April 29, 2008 Nano-Day at Fisk University
NCLT April 4, 2008 Workshop on Collaborative Development of Instructional Materials
NCLT March 12, 2008 NanoCamp for Middle School Students
NCLT January 25, 2008 Briefing on Capitol Hill: Educating to Advance Nanotechnology
NCLT November 28, 2007 Advancing Cross-collaborations: NCLT Fall Meeting
NCLT September 5, 2007 NCLT Assessment Workshop, August 13-14, 2007
NCLT August 27, 2007 NCLT Workshop for Science Teachers at Fisk University
NCLT August 21, 2007 AAMU Hosts A Successful First Nanoscale Workshop
NCLT August 14, 2007 Teacher Professional Development in Nanoscale Science and Engineering at Purdue University
NCLT August 6, 2007 A Hands-on Nanoscience Workshop at Hampton University
NCLT June 5, 2007 NCLT Spring Center-Wide Meeting May 25 - 26, 2007, Northwestern University » Gallery
NCLT April 10, 2007 New Trier High School Hosts “What is Nanoscience?” Event
NCLT April 6, 2007 Northwestern University Professor Introduces Materials Science Students to Nano
NCLT March 16, 2007 Dr. Matthew Edwards Appointed Dean
NCLT March 16, 2007 Science Teachers Think Small
NCLT January 23, 2007 NCLT Member Professor Nick Giordano Addresses AAPT/AAS Winter Meeting
NCLT December 21, 2006 NCLT launches NanoEd Resource Portal
NCLT December 8, 2006 NCLT Center-Wide Meeting Nov. 17 – 18, 2006, Northwestern University » Gallery
NCLT November 10, 2006 NCLT Director delivered Nano Talk at Museum of Science, Boston.
» View presentation (pdf, 3mb)
NCLT November 10, 2006 Annual Best Practices Conference on Teaching and Learning
NCLT October 20, 2006 Nanoscience Teacher Workshop at Angonne National Laboratory
NCLT October 6, 2006 Summer Science Institute 2006
NCLT September 22, 2006 2006 Northwestern University Summer Teacher Workshops
NCLT September 6, 2006 Teacher Professional Development in Nanoscale Science and Engineering at Purdue University
NCLT September 1, 2006 Teacher Professional Development in NSE at UTEP   Gallery
NCLT August 23, 2006 Second Annual NCLT Faculty Workshop at Cal Poly   Gallery
NCLT Jul 26, 2006 Professor Mark C. Hersam is Recipient of PECASE 2005
NCLT Jul 14, 2006 Metro-school Teachers Tackle Nanosciences at Fisk University   Gallery
NCLT Mar 22, 2006 Nano Day at Northwestern University   Gallery
Elk Grove Times Jan 5, 2006 Federal Program Backs Study of Key Disciplines
NCLT Dec 11, 2005 Nano Day at Northwestern University
NCLT Nov 7-8, 2005 NCLT Year 1 NSF Site Visit   Gallery
NCLT Oct 1, 2005 NCLT Center-wide Meeting   Gallery
NCLT Aug 30, 2005 First NCLT Faculty Workshop on Teaching Nanoscale Science & Engineering Concepts   Gallery
NCLT Aug 25, 2005 NCLT 2005 Professional Development (PD) Summer Workshops   Gallery
National Science Foundations Jun 21, 2005 NCLT Director Named NSF Director's Distinguished Teaching Scholars (DTS) Recipient  Picture: NSF award ceremony
NCLT April 2005 NCLT Presentation at European Commission, Brussels  Gallery
NCLT Mar 30, 2005 NCLT Content Development Nanomodule Field Test at Evanston Township High School
CLT Net Newsletter Dec 2004 NSF Funds Three New Centers for Learning and Teaching
MSI Magazine Dec 1, 2004 Nanotechnology Set to Transform Markets, Industries, and Business Models
Science Magazine Oct 29, 2004 P I O N E E R S: Nanoschooling (PDF format)
Northwestern University Oct 4, 2004 Northwestern Receives $15 Million NSF Grant for Nano Learning Center  (PDF format)
National Science Foundations Oct 1, 2004 NSF Funds First Nanoscale Center for Learning and Teaching  (PDF format)
Small Times Sept 27, 2004 NSF Funds Nano-Related Coursework For Grades 7-12  (PDF format)
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