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NCLT PD 2008 - 2009

new documentFlyer (pdf, 156kb)
Application Form (word, 81kb)
The NCLT professional development plan is based on both the National Science Standards and current research. Successful professional development requires: (a) learning essential science content through the perspectives and methods of inquiry; (b) integrating knowledge of science, learning, pedagogy and students, and applying that knowledge to teaching; (c) building understanding and ability for lifelong learning; and (d) a coherent and integrated program.

The NCLT Professional Development experience is designed with the following goals:
  • to provide 7-12 Grade science teachers with an enhanced understanding of nanoscience;
  • to introduce teachers to inquiry-based methods for teaching nanoscience;
  • to provide 7-12 Grade science teachers with a collection of suitable classroom activities;
  • to assist teachers in developing their own nanoscience activities and projects for classroom use;
  • to enhance teachers’ awareness of the connections between nanoscience and the traditional sciences of chemistry, physics, biology, earth science, and mathematics.
In the archives you will find the 2005 and 2006 Summer PD Workshop schedules from each location. The 2008-2009 Workshop Schedule and downloadable application form are available in the box (at right).
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Last updated: September 29, 2008