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NCLT is committed to developing leadership capacity in NSEE; the Center's overarching objective is the establishment of a community of learner-teachers among colleges and universities nation-wide. To this end, NCLT is developing and implementing nanoscience coursework and degree programs at the community college, four-year college and university levels. Programs for graduate students and post docs that offer interdisciplinary research training experiences are also in development.

Dr. Tom Mason (Northwestern University) and Dr. Nick Giordano (Purdue University) are spearheading efforts that will lead to undergraduate degree programs, and Masters and PhD certificate programs with emphasis in nanoscience. Course offerings, as well as laboratory experiences for the students are being developed. Dr. Mark Hersam is working alongside Dr. Mason to establish an on-line repository of resources for courses and supplemental modules. Drs. Gregory Light and Denise Drane (Searle Center for Excellence in Teaching at Northwestern) are working toward establishing the necessary assessment and evaluation protocols, as well as teaching strategies for undergraduate courses.

Last updated: April 30, 2008