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Connecting to NCLT Seminars

There are 3 ways to view NCLT Seminars.

(1) Video conference (H.323/H.320)

If you wish to participate via video conference, please schedule time with your campus IT facilities and then send your campus video conference support contact to: The system must be tested with NU one week prior to the seminar.

(2) Live Videoconference Streaming

  1. Enter Sign-in name
  2. Enter Conference ID 50075885 (default ID)
  3. Choose Streaming Rate
  4. (Optional) Select Advanced Options from "show advanced streaming options"
  5. Click Stream this conference
  6. User Manual.

(3) Video conferencing with Breeze Meeting

  1. In "Enter as a guest" box, click "Click to Enter";
  2. Enter name, click "Enter Room".
  3. Note: your browser must have Flash Player installed.


Last updated: December 5, 2008