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NCLT Formative Evaluation Scheme

The following document details the Formative Evaluation Scheme for the NCLT Operational Units. Each Operational Unit has relevant work circles producing deliverables that align with the following Center goals:

  1. Develop fundamental research about prior knowledge, learning progressions, and learning experiences to support students in learning the challenging subject matter of NSE.
  2. Develop fundamental knowledge and models of how to prepare 7-16 instructors in teaching NSE and using NSE materials.
  3. Develop courses & programs (grades 13-16) to serve as models to other universities & colleges.
  4. Develop a cadre of individuals who can pursue research on the teaching and learning of NSE.
  5. Develop 7-16 Teachers/Instructors in NSE sensitive to the learning and teaching of NSE and understanding NSE.
  6. Through research and leadership capacity building, impact minority institutions & at-risk populations in understanding and teaching of NSE throughout the US.
  7. Establish NCLT as a national leader, building an NSE clearinghouse of information in NSE & NSEE.

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Last updated: January 14, 2008