The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a major sponsor for this event. The National Science Foundation is currently supporting multiple projects and programs to advance the development and research of NSE for both formal and informal education.

National Center for Learning & Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NCLT) is the first national center for learning and teaching in nanoscale science and engineering education in the US .  Its vision is to build a globally competitive Nanoscale Science & Engineering (NSE) workforce and well-rounded NSE education leaders. NCLT is co-sponsoring this event and managing the operational logistics.

Global Nanotechnology Network (GNN) is a diverse group of nano stakeholders worldwide with partner networks in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Network focus areas include basic nano research, nanotechnology development, nano education and training, resource development, and development of a cyberinfrastructure and database to serve the global nano community.

Materials World Network ( MWN ) is a diverse group of stakeholders from government, academia, and industry with a mission to foster international multidisciplinary cooperation in materials research and education. Based on joint ownership and universal participation, MWN serves as a platform for addressing global challenges via materials science, education, and technology.