Poster & Demonstration

The CUT-OFF date for both Poster and Demonstration Submission on the FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2008.

Poster Guidelines:

  • Register your poster by submitting your poster abstract during the 'Registration' process.
    The person submitting the abstract will be listed as the presenter.
  • Posters should provide a brief statement of the focus or goals of the project.
  • Posters should identify selected activities under the related topic of your poster session which you selected at the time of registration.
  • Poster session topics include the following:
    (1) Perspectives on Cutting-edge Nano Research & Concepts,
    (2) Nano Education Research/Assessment Practices/Evaluation,
    (3) Best Practices in Curriculum/Course Development/Outreach to General Public,
    (4) Networking & Collaborations
  • Posters may address various aspects of your research including results, problems faced, lessons learned, and directions for future research.
  • Your poster will be assigned to one of the four poster sessions above. Please take note in the conference handbook the poster session time and location of your poster. Posters should be staffed during your scheduled session to allow opportunities for those reviewing posters to have discussions with a project representative.
  • Please forward an electronic version of your poster to or bring it with you on a thumb drive or CD for future NSF use and dissemination. Note: GOH will not be offering printing services for posters or meeting material handouts these must be printed in advance of the meeting. If you are in need of a local printer, please contact GOH for a list of nearby facilities.
  • Posters must fit on 36" (h) x 48"(w) tri-fold presentation board, which will be available at the registration desk along with other poster supplies. A picture is provided below.

*Submissions arriving after the cut-off date cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the meeting materials but will still be collected for future NSF use. Posters registered on-site will be given a poster location based upon the remaining space available.

All posters are to be removed at the conclusion of the meeting. Any items left behind will be discarded by the hotel.

Demonstration Guidelines:

Please submit your demonstration proposal by the FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2008 CUT-OFF date.  Demonstration proposals received after the cut-off date  will not  be afforded space due to the technical and space limitations.  Please keep the following information in mind when preparing your demonstration:

  • Each 6 foot table will be shared with one other demonstration/exhibitor.
  • Prepare your materials to fit into the 3' L x 2.5' W space being provided.
  • Should you choose to also submit a poster, your demonstration must be contained within the area you are allocated for your poster presentation; you will not be allocated a separate space for your demonstration.
  • If your demonstration requires the use of a power source, we will do our best to accommodate this request; however, power sources within the meeting space are limited, so we ask that you provide your own power source or if using a laptop, have it charged prior to your demonstration.

If you have any questions regarding demonstration space, please contact GOH at