In 2005, NSF and NCLT partnered to sponsor a national workshop for key leaders, educators and scientists to establish the importance of networking and collaboration in moving this challenging Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education (NSEE) agenda forward. After the second successful workshop in 2007, NCLT and NSF decided to expand the workshop to include global participants who would bring their unique perspectives on best practices in NSEE. Advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology are creating a surge in the demand for nano-literate workers. Responding to this global workforce challenge, educators and scientists are developing best practices in NSE curriculum development, professional development and educational research to equip and engage the next generations in NSEE.

This workshop will connect key leaders from various regions to advance collaboration and networking on major NSEE initiatives. The foci of the GNSEE Workshop are:

  • generate a systematic approach to assessment and program evaluation;
  • development curriculum and activities based on best practices and learning research;
  • gain knowledge of cutting-edge research to infuse in STEM curriculum and public outreach programs;
  • encourage more interactivity between formal and informal education initiatives as well as those addressing societal implications.

For those interested in attending to contribute their expertise in the discussions and program agenda, please email us for an invitation.